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About me

I love photography as an art form and each new topic is a new high in front of me! The motto of my life "If you gave people not lived in vain," makes me daily show people the beauty of life through my lens. I can not say that I only advertising, sports, wedding or any other category photographer because I have worked with equal success without all of the above underwater photography.
With professional photography bother since 1991. I am the manager of the company "Silvena Rousse" Ltd. and owner of photographic studios in Rousse and Silistra. I am co-founder of "Rousse Photographic Society," a member'm 10 years in "Photographic Academy", and 5 of them was a member of the Management Board. I have organized over 100 exhibitions for over 10 years in the company SILVENA ART gallery, and the first four editions of "National Review of Digital Photography" in the country in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. The first professional digital camera 3Mpx imported into the country from "Fomus Ltd." work in my company "Silvia Photo"
I perfectly equipped professional studio in which more than 20 years photograph advertising and catalog photography working business in the region of Rousse. In my best corporate customers are Fantastico - already embossing DESIGN STEFANI STYLE GOLD APOLLO, Ergodesign, BULMARKET, POLISAN HOTEL RIGA HOTEL RIVER HOTEL EUROPE MOTEL RAY HANCHETO, Mark, and KENSAL MESALINA, ARDA, KEROS, RICHMART Ltd , M-TOBACCO, ATLAS COPKO - LIFTON and dozens of other smaller ones.
I am devoted to photography since childhood. Favorite horses and equestrian sports. Breed sport horses and have a sports club. With my team we have worked websites of leading clubs and horse associations. By your company deal with publishing, producer'm "Orchestra Horo" I issued six albums and a series of books for Ruse. The most important book published so far, of which my company is the publisher was "Danube river of Europe. It is the fruit of 12 years traveling along the river and its tributaries in all Danube countries.

1997 - Nomination in international competition in Belgrade
1998 - First place in the competition for quality "Kodak"
2000 - Third place in the national competition of "Konica"
2001 - Second place in the contest "Koreksim BG"
1999 - 2002 - Eight one-man shows.
2002 – First place in exhibition "Crafts Fair" in Varna.